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Good Marketing makes the difference
between status quo and growth.

Whether you realize it or not, every business is judged by the quality of their marketing material. Your brands graphics, printed material, social media posts, and digital advertising are the difference between a customers choice to work with you or not.

Your visual brand are customers first impression with your business. Make it good.

We help you build a cohesive visual brand. From logo to printed marketing material business cards. From social media posts to digital advertising on the media platform best suuited for your business.

We take the time to analyze your brand, target market and budget to conceptualize, design, build and execute marketing campaigns that accomplish their goals.

Printed Marketing

 Good social media content  
enhances your brand.


Social Media content is the key to more exposure.

Many small business owners understand that social media is the most effective and efficient way to reach and engage with new audiences.

Those same business owners have also realized that conceptualizing and creating social media content for their business is time-consuming. It takes away from your business.

Enter bEMG. We take the pain out of crating and posting your social media content.

We work closely with you to understand your business and more importantly your target market. Then we create content that resonates with your target market and post the content in the most engaging scenarios available. We grow your exposure. More exposure equals more sales.

Be a Marketing Boss
with our One-on-One Coaching

Do you want to do cool, exciting marketing for your business but don’t have the time to do it? Do you have some great ideas for marketing, but not sure how to start? Or maybe you’re not sure where to begin.

Marketing is our specialty
. We can create, design and execute attention-grabbing social-media, email or landing page campaigns for your business.

Do you know how to advertise your business and just need some ideas? No problem, schedule a FREE consultation with me and we will come up with a campaign that’s perfect for your brand.

25+ years of corporate and small-business marketing experience is just a phone call away, and we will use every bit of it to help your business grow!

Get your new website
started for only $150

This Online Store package is designed to help you sell more products, manage them more easily, and grow your business more quickly.

Need help marketing your business? Absolutely! All of our clients receive FREE Marketing coaching to help you get the most of the marketing tools in you new store to help grow your business.

And if you don’t have time or knowledge to manage your online store, we will do for you as we teach you to do it for yourselfif you want to focus on other parts of your business.

Ready for the keys to grow your business?

Get a FREE marketing assessment and learn how you can grow your business.




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